Equipment Details

Equipment Pick Up

Equipment Pick Up will be from 6-8pm at the Little League Shack on the following nights. First come, first served. You MUST be registered and have a completed equipment form. NO EXCEPTIONS. Thank you for your cooperation.

Monday 7/23: 125's, 145's & 65's
Tuesday 7/24: 105's
Wednesday 7/25: 90's & anyone who missed the above dates
You MUST have a filled out Equipment Form.

Download the 2018 Equipment Form here.

Location:198 Fairhill Street Willow Grove, PA 19090. The equipment shack is at the bottom of the hill to the right of the lower parking lot. 1st set of doors on the lower building.

If you have any questions, please contact or

Tackle Football Equipment & Uniform FAQ

What equipment is provided, by the club?

Helmet with chinstrap, shoulder pads, game jerseys, thigh and knee pads (limited supply first come first serve), game pants & beltsand game socks.

What equipment is not provided, but needed?

Chin Strap, Cleats (no metal spikes), mouthguard, girdle, practice pants, knee and thigh pads if not already provided by club, practice jersey, cupwith athletic supporter. *Click links for item examples.

Do I pay a deposit for use of the equipment?

Yes. you will be required to provide credit card information at time of equipment pickup in the event you equipment is not returned at the end of the season. Your card will not be charged at pickup, but you authorize the Willow Grove Bears to charge your credit card for the cost to replace the missingequipment up to $200.00. Equipment turn in happens after the end of the season, on the designated day (TBD)

What kind of cleats do I need?

Cleats must be eithera molded plastic cleat. No all metal, primarily metal, or metal tipped cleats may be worn. No Replaceable spikes.

When and where do I get my equipment?

We will be handing equipment out in July. More information about times by team level will be supplied as we get closer to that time of year. Our equipment storage location is 198 Fairhill Street Willow Grove, PA 19090. The equipment shack is at the bottom of the hill to the right of the lower parking lot. 1st set of doors on the lower building.

When and where do I return my equipment?

Your coach or team parent will send communication notifying you of your designated equipment return day and time at the end of the season (November or early December). Before you return your child's equipment, it must All be cleaned. Helmets must be free of stickers and residue (DO NOT remove the WGB on the helmets). No stickers may applied to helmets.

Can I pickup my Equipment if I'm not yet registered?

No. You can only pick up your equipment if you are fully registered. To be fully registered you must have registered online or in person and have made payment.

What do I need to bring to pick up my equipment?

A parent or guardian must accompany all players to equipment pickup. Equipment pickup requires a completed Willow Grove Bears Equipment pickup form.Form can be found here. This form must be completed prior to pick up of equipment. You must provide a credit card number for equipment security deposit. THERE WILL BE NO BLANK FORMS AT EQUIPMENT PICK-UP.

What if I can't make it to the equipment hand outs?

We do ask you to make every effort to make it to the assigned date. If you cannot, let us know as soon as possible, and we will work with you.

What if there is a problem with my equipment?

Many problems can be corrected using the tools and supplies that each team has, so contact your coach for assistance. If they cannot resolve the issue, then they will arrange to get you a replacement.

My helmet hurts, can I get a different one?

It is extremely common for your helmet to hurt your head for the first couple of weeks. They must be tight fitting in order to protect the head, and this tightness can result in some discomfort. Every effort will be made during equipment hand out to ensure a correct fit. We recommend that once you get your equipment, you wear your helmet, before camp and practice start, in order to break it in. And remember, when you wear it, pull it all the way down, hard. Here's a video for your reference: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INFLATE OR DEFLATE HELMETS. Inflatable bladders are easy to damage and are only to be adjusted by coaches or equipment director.

Can I provide my own helmet?

Yes, but must be club approved color with the Willow Grove Bears emblem applied. Emblem will be provided by club.

Where can I send equipment related questions to?