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Executive Board
  • Ryan Moore President

  • Tracy Murray Vice-President

  • Mike Maglio Athletic Director of Football

  • Jill Quirk Athletic Director of Cheerleading

  • James Williams Treasurer

  • Raheem Bey KSL Representative

  • Sean Flanagan Registrar

  • Tom Troxell Past President

Appreciation Day at Dick's Sporting Goods Willow Grove - 20% Off!

The Willow Grove Bears is celebrating with an:

Appreciation Day at Dick’s Sporting Goods on Saturday, July 21!

Dick’s Sporting Goods will hold a special Appreciation Day for all of our participating players, coaches, and their family members. Check out the details here: Dick's Sporting Goods 20% Off Coupon. All of our members will receive 20% off their purchase! So join us for Appreciation Day at Dick’s Sporting Goods as we gear up for the upcoming season. Every season starts at Dick’s Sporting Goods! Note: This coupon is good at all Dick's Sporting Goods locations!

Willow Grove Location: 2510 W. Moreland Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090



Congrats to the 2017 American Conference 125 pound division champs!!

2017 Training Camp Location - North Willow Grove Park
  • North Willow Grove Park (WGB-2017) 1391 Linden Ave Willow Grove, PA 19090

2018 KSL Teams and Weights

Please take note of the update age/weight brackets AND new team names for 2018. There are still 5 total teams, but they have new names. Here is how the new names align with the old for returning members.

  • Old 55 = 65
  • Old 65 = 90
  • Old 75 = 105
  • Old 90 = 125
  • Old 105 = 145

Ages displayed apply to players that will turn that age ANY TIME during the current calendar year, even if it is after the season officially ends (for example for birthdays in late November or December).

Please also note there is a new rule in place starting in the 2018 season that will require ALL Specials to make weight on PICTURE/NEW PLAYER REGISTRATION DAY (typically in early September). All specials will be required to attend picture day, even if they are a returning players.

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